Wednesday, September 1, 2010

#$ ResQLadder FL25 Three Story Portable Emergency Escape Ladder 25 Foot

I have two children, ages 6 and 3 1/2 years. Originally, I ordered this ladder and the ladder sold by One Step Ahead because I knew I wanted one in each of their rooms and I thought the one from One Step Ahead would be lighter and easier for our youngest daughter to use. I WAS WRONG. Although lighter, the ladder from One Step Ahead is BULKY and NEITHER of my children could lift it/maneuver it enough to get it into the window during our drills.

Yes, this ladder is heavier. BUT they never lift the whole thing. They drag the box to the window and then take the bottom rung (which is a different color and packaged to sit right on top, so it is easy to find) out and throw it out the window. Then they start throwing handfuls of the rest of the rungs out until the hooks. My 3 1/2 year old had no problem with this during our drill. It didn't take long and definitely beat not being able to make it work at all. I just ordered a second one so that they both have a child friendly ladder.

The storage box is much smaller as well, but we are storing it with the over the windowsill hooks open instead of folded flat because opening them was something they could not consistently do quickly.

I also really liked that it is easy to do drills and refold the ladder back into the box correctly and that more than one person can be supported at a time.
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More Detail For ResQLadder FL25 Three Story Portable Emergency Escape Ladder 25 Foot

  • 18 and 20 gauge steel and 2/0 double loop chain construction
  • Optional custom standoff placement for a variety egress scenarios
  • Parachute loaded reusable storage box
  • The original portable industrial strength escape ladder
  • Made in USA

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