Monday, August 9, 2010

#@: Werner AC78 QuickClick Stabilizer

I am just a normal home owner with very limited ladder experience. Using very large ladders involves a lot of skill and I have a new found appreciation for the pros who use these every day! If you are not a pro, this stabilizer will be a godsend for you! I have a Werner D18282EQ and It fits perfectly. I have a VERY tall house and I am not comfortable with heights. This helps immensely! The only problem is when you need to get into the corners of the house. The stabilizer forces you to be about 2 feet away from the corner, so getting to downspouts in a corner involves some reaching. I am still very glad to have this. I also got the Werner AC19-2 Extension Ladder Covers and they have saved the house from many dings.
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More Detail For Werner AC78 QuickClick Stabilizer

  • Easy-to-install ladder stabilizer
  • 46-inch gap between legs provides stability
  • Creates 10 inches of clearance from work surface
  • Includes hook for holding paint cans
  • Compatible with ladders with 1-1/4-inch round rungs, 1-1/2-inch flat rungs, or 1-3/4-inch flat rungs

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