Sunday, August 22, 2010

#*# Werner 273 2 Type I Project Ladder 3 Step 3 Foot

I've got three Werner ladders. I absolutely love this addition. It fits a spot that my 6 foot light weight fiberglass ladder and my 21 foot high-tech multipurpose ladder cannot touch. What makes it so special? There are several features:

* The steps are very broad. I was used to standing on a Polder step ladder and the narrow steps would wear out my feet in no time. I always felt like there was some balancing required while using the ladder. This ladder is a joy. The steps are nearly as deep as my feet - very comfortable. Standing hands free is comfortable and easy.

* I can easily reach my 9 foot ceilings with a lot of stability (I am 66 inches tall).

* The shape of the ladder allows close placement to a wall. If you need access a few feet up the wall, this ladder will put you at the perfect working range. A regular 6 foot ladder keeps me too far away from the wall to work with any precision.

* The tray at the top very roomy. There is a place for paint cans, scrapers and other gadgets. It even comes with a lanyard type rope to lasso many devices and hook them through a special noose on the tray (included).

* The weight capacity is outstanding at 250 pounds.

* The packaging was perfect for shipping. It arrived in perfectly good condition in a plastic bag. No excessive box or packing. If a ladder can't stand that kind handling - I don't want to stand on it!

If there was any drawback, it would be this. This is not a light ladder - in the step ladder kind of way. Lifting it is with two hands - not two fingers.

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More Detail For Werner 273 2 Type I Project Ladder 3 Step 3 Foot

  • 3-foot steel foldable step stool
  • 250-pounds load capacity
  • Large standing platform for security and comfort
  • Mar-resistant feet
  • Comes with a project tray and comfortable hand grip

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