Friday, August 27, 2010

$*$ Universal Level Ett DM101 Ladder Stabilizer

The Level-Ett set is a terrific solution to working on slopes with a ladder, as it enables you to individually adjust the length of the legs by pushing a button lever and snapping a pin into one of the adjustment holes.

It does require a drill and pair of wrenches to install, but it is great once the ladder legs' new "feet" are on. You have to remain aware of the increased distance from the bottom rung to the ground, especially on steep slopes, but that is an easy adjustment. Since both legs are adjustable you can work on ground sloping either direction and quickly and easily adjust the legs as the slope changes.

I bought one set some time back, but grew tired of switching it from my long extension ladder to an intermediate length one so I bought another set recently. One set has a spring loaded button that is a little stiff, but both sets work well. The pieces are very sturdy and well made, although they do not fit every ladder leg size. I had to put some plywood spacers in one ladder's leg rails to make them fit.

Although the manufacturer says not to use them on step ladders, I have done that in some situations. Keep in mind that it can make for a VERY big step down from the bottom rung though, which can be dangerous.

The Level-Etts made a house painting project possible for me that otherwise would have required setting up scaffolding. A great idea and well made. I really like them.
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More Detail For Universal Level Ett DM101 Ladder Stabilizer

  • Ladder stabilizer eliminates the use of dangerous leveling items such as boards or bricks
  • Lever pins allow easy height adjustment
  • Meets ANSI and OSHA standards
  • Anti-slip feet for added safety
  • Extends aluminum and fiberglass extension ladder up to maximum of 9-1/2 inches

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