Sunday, August 8, 2010

#$ Teamstrap Moving and Lifting Straps

I was skeptical about this strap setup and read all the reviews covering its use. I bought one in time for a move and I must say that I am tickled that I purchased it to really give it a shake-down.

It was such a pleasure to use on furniture like bookcases, desks, china hutch and small piano . These were the biggest items I had to move and it worked well with them. What it had problems with were odd shaped or smaller sized items like 30 gallon flower pots or a 50 lb cube shaped safe. There is not enough surface area for the strap to hold it in a stable manner. It was moved with the strap but you just had to hold it still and it was very awkward and unstable. Would have used it on a washer/dryer but a friend used their hand truck instead. I did not have a chance to it on that appliance- maybe next time.

I thought about buying the version that uses the forearms but I prefer the use of the criss-cross strap arrangement over the shoulders which is somewhat like suspenders. I think that is designed to handle more weight but I cannot say that for sure since I bought this one instead.

Otherwise, I am so glad I had it for our move and would buy another one on a heartbeat.
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Customers Rating=4.5 / 5.0

More Detail For Teamstrap Moving and Lifting Straps

  • Weight Capacity Recommended: 650 lbs/Set (3 pc. unit, 2 harnesses & 1 middle strap)
  • 3 in. wide, high strength webbing
  • Adjusts from 5'0" to 9'0" from harness to harness
  • Adjustability: Up to 48 inches of adjustment

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