Sunday, August 1, 2010

$*$ Schlage LiNK Wireless Keypad Entry Lever Lock Starter Kit System Satin Nickel

While I understand some of the negative comments out here, I'd like to offer my perspective. I own a condo in another state which I have to rent out in order to make ends meet. Now, I could have the uncertainty of sending keys to my guests, hoping they don't reproduce them while they're staying in the condo, but that was unsettling for me. I needed a way to provide them access during the timeperiod for which they paid, and then deny them access after they checkout. Too, I have a cleaning service come in, inbetween rentals.

This lock is perfect for my needs. I can add/delete user code remotely, from my cell phone or from my PC. If the code doesn't work, I can send a remote unlock. If the cleaning company doesn't work out, I can remove their code without the worry that they'll re-enter after I've fired them. I can remotely turn on the light for times when the condo is sitting empty. And, although I haven't purchased it yet, in the future I will get the thermostat so that I can monitor/adjust it remotely, too.

Its a win-win for me.

True, I have to pay $20 for Internet service plus the $13 for the monthly service, but I am hoping I can recoup some of those fees from guests who want to opt for WiFi while they're renting from me.

Finally, the service will allow me to add other houses. So, for the $13/month (less if you pay annually), I can manage a lock on my permanent residence, too.

It is a solution I likely would not have opted for had I not had the other property, but am glad it was available for my requirements.
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More Detail For Schlage LiNK Wireless Keypad Entry Lever Lock Starter Kit System Satin Nickel

  • Receive email or text notifications
  • Install and set up the system with ease
  • Remotely monitor access to your home
  • Access your home from anywhere
  • Monthly subscription fee required for remote access

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