Thursday, August 5, 2010

#@: Peltor MT15H7F SV Tactical Pro Hearing Protector

You pay a little more for the Peltor MT15H7F Tactical Pro Hearing Protector, but you are getting your monies worth. Not only is the 26 dB protection level better than most, but the electronics for allowing you to hear regular talking voices is excellent. It has two controls for easily changing the sensitivity. A worthwhile investment for those that spend a lot of time at the shooting range with friends and instructors. How much is your long term hearing worth?
(15 customers reviews)
Customers Rating=4.5 / 5.0

More Detail For Peltor MT15H7F SV Tactical Pro Hearing Protector

  • NRR 26dB
  • Electronics limit amplified sounds to 82dBA within 2 milliseconds
  • Active-volume provides maximum distortion free amplification low level sounds up to 18dBA
  • Omni-directional stereo microphones provide 360 degree external ambient listening
  • Auto power saving feature

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