Wednesday, August 11, 2010

!$ Mighty Mule FM200 Gate Opener For Single Gates Up to 12 Feet Long and 300 Pounds

I've had this in place now during two rainy seasons with lots of lightning, and one winter. So far no problems. There have been only two times when it did not open the gate. One when the cows kicked over the battery box and pulled a wire loose (easily fixed and things are now better secured) and once when a snow drift kept it from opening. I just kicked the snow loose and the gate opened through it.

Installing this opener requires maybe a little more then average handyman skills. There is some trial and error getting the bracket set correctly. You will need to buy a battery. The instructions say to use an automotive battery but I used a $20 garden tractor battery. If you don't have power close by or don't want want to dig a trench for power, you will need a solar panel. I did not get the expensive one from Mighty Mule, but bought a similar item on Amazon for a fraction of the price, and made my own bracket.

This has saved a lot of time and probably some fuel and wear-and-tear on the cars. I bought the digital keypad so guests, delivery people, meter readers, etc can let themselves in. It needs to be Mighty Mule brand; they use a different frequency and logic than garage door openers. I used a regular doorbell switch on the other side of the gate so anyone can let themselves out. We sometimes have cattle grazing on our property and the gate opener really un-complicates things, and I think also adds some security.
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More Detail For Mighty Mule FM200 Gate Opener For Single Gates Up to 12 Feet Long and 300 Pounds

  • Designed for gates up to 12-feet long and 300-pounds
  • Designed for optimum solar performance with 5-watt solar panel
  • Works with an automotive or marine battery which optimizes performance in cold weather (battery not included)
  • Easy to install, includes all necessary mounting hardware and detailed installation manual, designed for the "Do-It-Yourself-er"
  • Backed by the 12-month Mighty Mule warranty

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