Thursday, August 19, 2010

#*# Architectural Mailboxes Geneva Locking Mailbox Bronze

Although this mailbox looks great, it is not secure. After taking the mailbox out of the package, my mother wanted to see if it was possible for someone to stick their hand into the mail entry to touch the contents inside the box. To my amazement, she was not only able to get her hand inside but also her forearm to swipe and actually touch the bottom and every corner of the mailbox! My mother is 5 feet tall and had no trouble touching the mailbox when I held it up to the recommended height. I think that the bottom portion of the box is too shallow compared to the top entry portion. I have returned this item.
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More Detail For Architectural Mailboxes Geneva Locking Mailbox Bronze

  • Large delivery door that can accept parcels and mail bundles
  • Large mail retrieval door located in back of mailbox
  • Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and galvanized steel
  • Concealed outgoing mail clip and flag

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