Thursday, July 29, 2010

-- Werner M1 8 16 250 Pound Duty Rating Aluminum Multi Master Articulated Ladder 16 Foot

I have had this ladder for several years now and use it for both home and professional use. As a painting contractor, this has come in handy on several occasions where the job was too small to haul out the full-size extension ladder. Here is a breakdown of my experience:


+ Folds down compact - This ladder folds down to a relatively small size of about 3' x 1' x 1.5'. This allows it to be stored easily in large closet, small shed, or anywhere in your garage. It also makes it great to transport: I once borrowed my wife's Toyota Rav4 and this ladder fit nicely in the back, along with all my other equipment.

+ Articulates to unusual shapes - Unlike other extendable ladders, the joints on this allow it to be adjusted to unusual shapes that allows it to reach areas that are difficult to get to. For example, it can be turned into an inverted 'L' shape to reach over a large entertainment center without touching it, allowing access to the wall or ceiling above.

+ Good weight capacity - Mine is rated at 300lbs- not sure if they changed the weight rating, but is has held up well to a lot of use.

+ Value - This is a fairly good value for a multi-ladder with this kind of flexibility.


- Latching mechanisms - The levers to actuate these could have been designed better, in my opinion. They are relatively stiff and hug closely to the ladder frame, requiring some decent finger-power to lift them off. Also, because of the articulating nature of this ladder, and perhaps as a safety feature, the locking mechanism locks in several positions whenever you swivel a segment; if you want to extend the ladder fully, then, you will have to pull the levers several times to keep unlocking the joints as they will lock-in to every position along the way.

- slop - Or you could call this play. Due to the number of joints, the ladder will exhibit much more play during use than would an equivalent dedicated A-frame or extension ladder. When fully extended, for example, there is noticeable sag, as slack is taken up by the three joints per side. The locks have never failed me and I've grown to trust the ladder, but it takes some getting used to.

- Narrow - While the base is actually quite good and stable, the ladder itself is relatively narrow. This probably wouldn't be an issue for many, but it gets a little crowded on one rung when occupied by size 12 work boots.

Other thoughts:

I have everything from two foot platform ladders to 24' 300# capacity fiberglass extension ladders, and I am happy to have this one in my toolkit. It's not always the first thing I reach for, but there are times when it is just perfect for the job. It would make a great single ladder for a household that wouldn't need a ladder often, or for people who want flexibility in just one ladder.

It's not perfect, though the shortcomings stem mostly from a trade-off between flexibility and single-purpose use. It has held up well over the years and has been used often.
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More Detail For Werner M1 8 16 250 Pound Duty Rating Aluminum Multi Master Articulated Ladder 16 Foot

  • Versatile 16-foot aluminum articulated ladder when extended, 8-Foot step ladder
  • Converts into many kinds of scaffolds or ladders
  • Slip-resistant feet
  • Bolt-on base for greater stability
  • Alflo rung joint connection prevents twisting

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