Sunday, July 11, 2010

#*# Werner AC78 QuickClick Stabilizer

I purchased this ladder stabilizer because I have multiple ladders in my gutter installation business. So far I think this product has performed very well. I did read another review that said the extension ladder will not collapse all of the way down with this installed - I did not understand what they were talking about until I put it on the ladder - this statement I found to be true. I did find that if you try to collapse the ladder all the way down that the stabilizer will wedge itself between the rungs and will cause you some problems.....I'm not very good at describing it but believe me this is a potential problem but this is the only problem I have encountered. The stabilizer comes off and on with ease so this whole wedgie issue is in no way a deal breaker. I plan to use some of my other corner standoffs that I have to make the arms interchangeable - looks like this will work well but have not yet tried it. I'm in for at least another one or two of these - there is no comparison between this ladder standoff and those installed with the U-bolts - this is way, way better......don't hesitate - buy it and you'll be glad you did!!!!
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More Detail For Werner AC78 QuickClick Stabilizer

  • Easy-to-install ladder stabilizer
  • 46-inch gap between legs provides stability
  • Creates 10 inches of clearance from work surface
  • Includes hook for holding paint cans
  • Compatible with ladders with 1-1/4-inch round rungs, 1-1/2-inch flat rungs, or 1-3/4-inch flat rungs

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