Saturday, July 10, 2010

$*$ Werner 6008 250 Pound Duty Rating Type I Fiberglass Stepladder 8 Foot

I have had the Werner 6008 8-foot ladder for about 2 years, and I have had nothing but positive experiences. The ladder is not very light - probably about 40 lbs - so my wife has a hard time moving it around, however short of using exclusively carbon fiber I am not sure how you could make a "lighter" 250-lb duty ladder.

If you are debating between ladder sizes, I would recommend giving serious consideration to an 8-footer. Larger 10' ladders are almost useless indoors unless you have extra high ceilings, but a standard 6' ladder leaves a lot to be desired if you are working outside. The compromise is an 8' and while it is a little ungainly when used indoors but its extra reach sure does in handy when hanging Christmas lights!

As for the performance of the Werner 6008 -

+ Never had an issue with it slipping

+ I walked under it once without *too* much bad luck - just kidding

+ Easy to set-up the support arms have never gotten stuck when trying to open or close the ladder

+ When opened the base has about a 4' spread which helps to make the ladder feel especially stable

+ The top rung/ platform of the ladder has an in-cut that will safely hold a bucket of paint

Areas for improvement

- As I mentioned it is a bit heavy - most women will have a hard time controlling the ladder when trying to set it up.

Final verdict - Buy with confidence

5 stars
(6 customers reviews)
Customers Rating=4.0 / 5.0

More Detail For Werner 6008 250 Pound Duty Rating Type I Fiberglass Stepladder 8 Foot

  • 8-foot 250 pound rated stepladder
  • Tool-Tra-Top
  • Braces on top and bottom steps
  • Slip resistant Traction-Tred steps
  • External Pinch-Proof spreaders

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