Friday, July 23, 2010

!$ Werner 273 2 Type I Project Ladder 3 Step 3 Foot

Bought this for my husband to get rid of the rickety wooden one, and he loves it. Product description says standing platform is 60 inches. It's actually 32 inches, with lower steps ~ 11 inches and 21 inches. Work tray is ~ 48 inches, and ladder folds to 64 inch height. The ladder is steady and sized to give plenty of working room, with a generous 'polyfiber' tray that should make paint drips easy to clean up. Tray has compartments to keep tools from rolling off. This ladder is a good height for typical indoor chores.

Found the best price at Amazon because of the added bonus of free shipping.
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More Detail For Werner 273 2 Type I Project Ladder 3 Step 3 Foot

  • 3-foot steel foldable step stool
  • 250-pounds load capacity
  • Large standing platform for security and comfort
  • Mar-resistant feet
  • Comes with a project tray and comfortable hand grip

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