Wednesday, July 14, 2010

!$ Warn Industries 685000 PullzAll 110 AC Corded Electric Winch


So after reading some reviews, I decided to give the Warn winch a try. After all, Warn does seem to have a fairly good name in the off-road world. I needed a winch for my machine shop where we had a job and the parts being machined were about 100 lbs. a piece and needed to be easily lifted from lathe to milling machine and vice versa. I decided to build an overhead gantry and use the Warn 110v unit to do the repetitive vertical lifting. Initial thoughts after receiving the unit are decent quality for a unit that came from China but in a few years of use, YOU WILL NEED A HEARING AID!!! The machine is so loud. Anyway, I set up the gantry and the little winch does a fairly good job of picking up the least in the beginning it did. We had about 16 pieces to machine. All in all, I would say that we used the winch to lift 100# up 4 feet about 1 minute out of every 10 minutes. Toward the end of the job...THE WINCH WAS SMOKING..LITERALLY!!! We had to cool the motor down with compressed air in between uses. Even then I was able to notice a constant degrade of power until at the end of the 16 parts, the unit would go into overload when I initially pulled the trigger. I was able to finish the job but I definitely do not think the winch will last another job!


These units are disposable and I cannot believe that Warn puts their badging on it!!

You will go deaf using it!

The unit I have literally smokes lifting 100 lbs with a 10% duty cycle. Imagine lifting 1,000 lbs as they say is the max!! All in all, I am happy to have been able to finish the job without breaking my back but I do not hink that the winch will last. Buyer Beware.

Thanks for reading. Jay
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More Detail For Warn Industries 685000 PullzAll 110 AC Corded Electric Winch

  • Powers load in and out via forward/reverse switch and two-mode operation
  • Portable utilitarian tool providing precision power for all pulling, hauling and drag away jobs
  • 1,000 lb pull rating powered via a 110V AC through a 12" power cord
  • 15? of 7/32" wire rope, with attached industrial grade safety hook and hawse fairlead at wire rope end of tool and swiveling anchor hook at its base
  • Electronic load limiter with LED indicator protects the tool from overload, self-locking geartrain with dynamic braking and circuit breaker protected

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