Sunday, July 18, 2010

-- Surefire E2D BK Defender 60 Lumens Incandescent Flashlight Strike Bezel Black

The Surefire E2D Defender turned out to be a disappointment. I had to contact Surefire twice to replace the on-off tail switch two times but it continually breaks. I have serious concerns about the reliability of the tail switch to function properly. Due to this ongoing problem I cannot depend on this light to function when needed. SureFire did replace the tail switch both times in a timely manner and their customer service was excellent. Ultimately though the light still does not work and is sitting in a junk drawer.

When I did carry the light it was put in my left front pants pocket. The sharpened bezel tore a significant hole through my 5.11 tactical pants. My bad and I own that mistake but it should be noted that you must carry or store the light where it will not damage clothes or gear. A few times the clip got stuck on items and bent which had to be squeezed back into position with a pair of pliers to get it to a usable structural integrity.

The 60 Lumens Incandescent light is now outdated and obsolete. I would only recommend getting an LED light.

As for recommending the Surefire E2D Defender I would pass on this model. The tail switch does seem to have some functionality problems. If you need your light to work flawlessly then this is not the light for you. I suspect this would apply to the LED version as well as the only difference is the bulb. I have many other SureFire products that work as designed but the E2D Defender does not cut it for me.

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More Detail For Surefire E2D BK Defender 60 Lumens Incandescent Flashlight Strike Bezel Black

  • Batteries - Two lithium 123A 3.0 Volt with 10-year shelf life
  • Lamp assembly/Runtime - SureFire MN03 xenon gas-filled lamp assembly with 60 lumens output for 75 mi
  • Construction - CNC machined aerospace-grade aluminum. Hard anodized finish for extreme corrosion imp
  • Lightweight and slim, with a stainless steel pocket clip
  • Perfect for placement in your backpack, glove compartment, toolbox, or pocket.

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