Friday, July 16, 2010

#*# Stanley 93 301 14 Inch Yellow Panel Carry Handle

I had to carry three sheets of 5/8" particle board by myself for a project that I'm doing. I couldn't have carried it without this handle. While it was still very heavy to move, at least I could move it.

The reason that I didn't give five stars is because it's difficult to get the piece up onto the handle. I found that I could lean the handle against my leg, lift the edge of the piece to get the handle under it, then kind of slide the handle to the middle. If the handle was designed to stand up on its own, it would have certainly gotten five stars from me.
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Customers Rating=4.5 / 5.0

More Detail For Stanley 93 301 14 Inch Yellow Panel Carry Handle

  • Panel carry helps you easily hand-carry panels of flat wood or other material
  • Provides increased balance and control during transportation
  • Angled handles keep hands away from panel for added comfort
  • Comes in high-visibility yellow
  • Includes 14-inch handle for extra reach

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