Tuesday, July 13, 2010

$ Solar Group PED0000W Large Cast Aluminum Pedestal Mailbox White

I bought this model from Home Depot 5 years ago and installed it on a small poured concrete base that I created. This box is sturdy (can probably give a vandilizing bat a run for its money) and secure. Locking mechanism makes it difficult to pry open easily (heavy duty doors).

Pro: Sturdy, good lock (secure), functional, spacious.

Con: Mail gets wet in storms. Buy some silicone caulk and run a bead under the roof to waterproof (some wasps moved in one year, they thought it was a good house - now they have to chew through some caulk to get in). Now 5 years old the paint is peeling off badly, I need to strip it, prime it, and recoat it, not happy about that but it's doable. Lock needs occasional WD-40 treatment, but no more than 1-2 times a year.

Was the same price 5 years ago that Amazon is offering it for now, so the economy has nothing to do with it's cost.

I wanted a decent looking box when I moved in to the new house, this one looked the part and provided the function I wanted (security and resistant to abuse).

I recommend, but only if you seal the openings under the roof so your mail doesn't get wet. Manufacturer could have easily created a gasket to solve this problem but didn't.

Good luck in your secure mailbox searching.
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More Detail For Solar Group PED0000W Large Cast Aluminum Pedestal Mailbox White

  • Cast Aluminum construction will not Rust
  • Full service for incoming and outgoing Mail
  • Concealed locking access Door
  • Extra wide Mail slot
  • US Postal Service Approved

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