Wednesday, July 21, 2010

$ Mighty Mule FM350 Automatic Gate Opener For Light Duty Single Swing Gates

Wow, were to begin. If you need a gate opener, find one other than a mighty mule. I have two gates into my property. I purchased two of the 350s. I put the first one up, but really never got around to putting the second one up, since i needed to do fence work fist. well, on the first one, I didnt store the batter in a marine battery case, and water go into the case. Well, corrosion or something traveled all the way up the wire and ruined the control board. You would think there would be something between the battery and the control board to prevent this. Well, blamed myself for this one. Installed the second one, purchased a marine battery box. Somehow, water got into this control board as well. Friend of mine has the 500 and the control board is seperate from the arm and can be replaced if a problem occurs. So, purchased the 500, I have had nothing but problems with it. Getting through to tech support is a nightmare. Be prepared to be on hold for 30 to 45 minutes each time you call. They had me send the control board in. Was returned with no note stating if they found anything wrong or not. Called back, Sent arm in. Arm came back with no note. Still didnt work. Called back (another on hold wait) Sent control board back. Waited a month. Called back again. Control board lost. Sent me new control board. Gate works now, but now another problem is occuring. It will not hold closing position. ie, you set the gate to close to a certain position, usually, where it hits the gate stop and then applys a small amount of force to hold it closed. it will hold that position for a week or so, then gradually, it will start not closing all the way. Right now, it is about 3 inches from closed. Enough room for my dogs to squeeze it open and slide through. So I will be heading out there today to open up box and reset close position once again. These things are junk. You may get lucky like my friend did, and get one that will last for you. but I am on my 3rd one and kicking myself every day for buy them. this is $1200 I have spent on these units, not to mention all the shipping I paid sending parts back to them for repair. And once again, getting through to tech support is horrible.
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More Detail For Mighty Mule FM350 Automatic Gate Opener For Light Duty Single Swing Gates

  • Easy to install, solar capable, low voltage system - no electrician or welding required
  • Compact one-piece design makes the FM350 easy to install
  • Compatible with all Mighty Mule access controls and accessories, including all remote control transmitters, digital keypad, solar panel, automatic gate lock, gate opening sensor and wireless intercom/keypad
  • Provides a maximum of 175 cycles per day using transformer charger with up to 1,500 back up cycles in fully charged battery (exact cycle count depends on weight and length of gate -- solar power supports fewer cycles)
  • Up to 1,500 cycles per day, with battery back-up

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