Thursday, July 1, 2010

$ Mighty Mule FM200 Gate Opener For Single Gates Up to 12 Feet Long and 300 Pounds

OK, it did work for a year. But it only gets opened a couple of times a day and we are gone for a couple of months a year. You do the math. It is slow, loud, now unreliable and not long lasting. I rated it 2 stars because it did last the year. Customer service gets called tomorrow. We'll see.

Update, I was sent a new opener. Actually this my third. I had forgotten about the other one, that replaced the one that went out almost immediately after buying it a year ago. What happened both times was that it would close normally for a while, then close half way, then three quarters, then kind of almost randomly. I reset it 20 times, unhooked the battery, the charger, let it sit overnight, everything I could think of.

I'd say this opener is a problem for this company because they sent me a new one without question both times. Make sure you keep your return authorization code but so far, besides being without a gate opener during some of the worst Washington weather, not bad customer service. A lot of time on hold but at least they seem to stand behind a faulty product.
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Customers Rating=2.5 / 5.0

More Detail For Mighty Mule FM200 Gate Opener For Single Gates Up to 12 Feet Long and 300 Pounds

  • Designed for gates up to 12-feet long and 300-pounds
  • Designed for optimum solar performance with 5-watt solar panel
  • Works with an automotive or marine battery which optimizes performance in cold weather (battery not included)
  • Easy to install, includes all necessary mounting hardware and detailed installation manual, designed for the "Do-It-Yourself-er"
  • Backed by the 12-month Mighty Mule warranty

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