Wednesday, July 28, 2010

++ Louisville Ladder LP 2300 00 Ladder Leveler

I looked at several of the various ladder levers and concluded this was the best value for me. Installation was on a Werner 20' aluminum extension ladder. The stock feet unbolted (must be removed) easily and after drilling 4 holes on each leg of the ladder all that's left is to bolt on the Ladder Levelers. The kit includes longer bolts for wood ladders and shorter bolts for aluminum ladders. Total installtion time was approximately 35 minutes. Adjustability is easy and infinite (as opposed to discrete increments). The additional weight to the ladder is reasonable and not objectionable at all. Plus I like that I could remove the Levelers (put them on some other ladder) and reinstall the original feet the ladder came with to restore it to original condition (but that depends on the particular ladder you have).

Furthermore the product is very sturdy with the feet measuring approximately 3.5"x3.5" which is greater area than the original feet that came on the ladder.

I would definitely buy these Ladder Levelers again.

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Customers Rating=5.0 / 5.0

More Detail For Louisville Ladder LP 2300 00 Ladder Leveler

  • Aluminum is durable and lightweight
  • The ladder leveler has a maximum differential of 15"
  • Easy to use

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