Monday, July 26, 2010

$*$ Little Giant 10940 Retrofit Wheel Kit

These wheels help a bit. Not as much as I would like...some day they may decide to figure a way to jumbo size these wheels and mount them in a way that retracts (like flight gear.) It will help a little, but moving the ladder by dragging over grass is tediou---wheels are hard and small diameter. For early models of the ladder,those that sold without pre drilled holes, company furnishes drill bits with the kit, a pleasant touch...overall I say it was worth having.

The Little Gian ladders, incidentally, are very confidence building when working a long time on your feet on rungs. I like the solidity of them. And do not think the imitations for less price are as good. Almost everything is aluminum and water resistant therefore... Company ought to include the hang on work platform, in my opinion. You will definitely want the work platform, and I say seek it too.
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More Detail For Little Giant 10940 Retrofit Wheel Kit

  • Comes with drill bit, wrench, hex allen key screws, nylock nuts and instruction sheet
  • Tip and glide wheels

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