Tuesday, July 6, 2010

++ Little Giant 10126LGW 300 Pound Duty Rating Ladder System with Work Platform 26 Foot

I purchased the 6'11" (26 foot) model after reading all the reviews of similar products and going down to see a couple of ladders at the local big box store. I'll admit to some trepidation spending more for the "real thing/made in USA" ladder (I mean: really---it's a ladder!), but I have always had instilled in me an appreciation of having the "right tools for the job" and of good quality tools in general. On the theory that I'm unlikely to ever purchase another ladder (I'm not a contractor, drywall installer, painter, carpenter, etc.... just some guy), I went for it rather than be disappointed.

My house has quite high ceilings and a fair number of trees, so my need for a large ladder was pretty obvious. I'd been using a 6' fiberglass ladder, but there were plenty of times when I was out-of-reach and doing marginal ladder-dancing. This ladder must weigh six or seven times as much as the old vanilla ladder, which is the one serious minus to this tool, but otherwise is a total replacement. When collapsed completely, it is the same size as my old ladder, but with far more versatility.

For starters, it adjusts beautifully. Height adjustment is simple and pleasingly secure. It can be used in "straight" or A-frame modes and the splayed bottom makes it more stable than a regular straight ladder. When used straight (instead of A-frame), one end of the ladder can be removed to reduce weight. In A-frame mode, the ability to adjust different heights to each side helps deal with hillsides, stairs, and such. There are wheels on one end to help with dragging the ladder. Carrying the ladder (did I mention heavy??) is back busting. The latches and hinges are very solid, are fool-proof, and seem likely to last a lifetime of "normal" use.

Yeah, it's a ladder. And it's way heavy. And costly by comparison. But how often do you buy a ladder? And who want to be thinking the phrase "cheap knock-off ladder" while 26 feet in the air? YMMV. But overall I'm pleased with my purchase.
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More Detail For Little Giant 10126LGW 300 Pound Duty Rating Ladder System with Work Platform 26 Foot

  • 13-foott to 23-foot Extension height, adjustable in 1-foot increments, 6-foot by 11-foot Stepladder height, adjustable in 1-foot increments
  • Full 5 year warranty
  • 300 lbs work load capacity
  • Stores in 1/4 its extended height
  • Has flared legs for stability

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