Wednesday, July 28, 2010

#*# Kidde KL 2S Two Story Fire Escape Ladder with Anti Slip Rungs 13 Foot

I certainly hope that I never need to use this, but if I do, I feel confident climbing down on it. I believe some of the previous reviews complain that this ladder is for "one use only." I think there are two easy explanations for this:

1. If you do use it to escape a fire, its probably best not to use it again. You hopefully escaped early in the fire and the ladder took more heat, etc as the fire progressed. Its just safer to buy a new one.

2. Kiddie is protecting itself legally by instructing you not to open the ladder until you need it. Its pretty compactly packed and has been done that way to keep the ladder from tangling. If you do practice with it, it doesn't look that hard to pack back up. Just plan on it taking more than 5 minutes (a second person wouldn't hurt either).

I checked to make sure that the ladder was long enough (yes), but am against climbing down it until I need to. I'm 3 floors up and would rather not risk falling off the ladder until necessary. I can't see risking that with children either. Practice the escape plan, but skip the actual descent.
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More Detail For Kidde KL 2S Two Story Fire Escape Ladder with Anti Slip Rungs 13 Foot

  • Easy to use attaches quickly to most common windows
  • Fast and easy to deploy with anti-slip rungs
  • Ready for use no tools or assembly required
  • Strong and durable ladder tested to 1000 pounds
  • 13- by 1-feet; 5-year limited warranty

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