Saturday, July 10, 2010

@# Kidde KL 2S Two Story Fire Escape Ladder with Anti Slip Rungs 13 Foot

I purchased the 3-story ladder a few months ago and finally took it out of the box just last week. Being stuck in my house with my family during a fire is a big fear of mine so I finally bit the bullet and purchased this ladder. I wanted to keep the ladder in my daughter's room for piece of mind and my husband (who was against the whole idea of throwing a ladder out the window in the first place) told me I had to "test" it. I was very much against the idea of a "trial run" but I did figure it was better to at least see what the ladder would be like before I actually needed it.

The ladder came apart easily and attached to the wall perfectly, but when I looked down I thought "no way!!" Surely in the case of a fire I would go out no matter what - but I was not about to break my neck "testing" it. My husband, then still trying to convince me this was a bad idea, said he would try it. I convinced him to start at the bottom and climb up instead of crawling out the window because there is no need to get a serious injury for no reason! I consider my husband pretty strong and in shape but watching him try to climb the ladder was one of the funnier things I have see. There was NO WAY he could stay on the ladder! It twisted and turned and swung to the side. Since the sides of the ladder are made of rope, there is nothing to hold the ladder in place. I kept thinking, if he can't climb past a few rungs how in the world would I climb 3 stories down!!!??

Finally, I decided to give it a try and honestly could barely make it up two rungs. Part of me wonders if climbing down would make a difference (instead of going up) but considering our experience at the bottom of the ladder, I wouldn't risk it. I might as well throw this in the trash because I would honestly hurt myself more using this ladder than just jumping out the window (which hopefully will never have to happen). I also wonder if the 2-story ladder is more sturdy because its not as long, but our window is too high off the ground for it. I would love for someone from the company to contact me and explain how in the world a normal human being is supposed to use this as a "safety device." Unfortunately, due to my delay in testing the product, I have missed my window to return the item to Amazon. Such a waste of money.

I hate to admit it, but my husband was right. This ladder was a bad idea! Bummer.
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  • Easy to use attaches quickly to most common windows
  • Fast and easy to deploy with anti-slip rungs
  • Ready for use no tools or assembly required
  • Strong and durable ladder tested to 1000 pounds
  • 13- by 1-feet; 5-year limited warranty

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