Tuesday, July 13, 2010

#$ iTouchless Bio Matic Fingerprint Door Lock For Left Hand Door Silver

This is a great door lock! I'm using it on a condo door, so no worry about the elements, but it was easy to install and is quite reliable. My only slight complication was that I had to drill out the hole for the latch (the hole in the edge of the door) to be slightly bigger to accommodate this lockset. Otherwise, the only tool required was a screwdriver.

Note that the numeric entry codes are limited to the digits 0, 1, 2, and 3, and must be 8 digits long, meaning there's only 65,536 numbers, and they take a little longer to enter than if you had an actual full 0-9 keypad. But you're likely just going to use the fingerprint reader instead anyway.

Also, you can set it in a mode where lifting the cover engages the lock with no entry required. This is nice if you're having a party or expect a lot of people -- but they'll have to know to slide the cover up. You can't just set it so the door handle works by itself.

Finally, the instructions make no mention of a low-battery alarm -- I hope there IS one, but not sure I'd recognize it for what it is when it happens.
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More Detail For iTouchless Bio Matic Fingerprint Door Lock For Left Hand Door Silver

  • 150 Fingerprint users
  • 78 Passcode code users
  • 2 Backup keys
  • Low battery power warning alert
  • Sliding cover to protect UV sensor, water resistance

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