Friday, July 16, 2010

@# Indoor Air Quality Meter CO2 Temperature Relative Humidity

I read the previous review where the NON CUSTOMNER says he'd buy it if it cost $20!

This is the lowest cost CO2 meter I have found and I'd like a real review from someone who has the product. Unitl now I did not realize Amazon allowed NON CUSTOMERS to review a product. This is insane. I'm wasting my time reading reviews that may be written by competitors!!!

Of course that's not the case here since I haven't found any under $200 but it's still a waste of time.

I just hate to consider how many times I've read an Amazon product review and let in influence me.

Never again!
(4 customers reviews)
Customers Rating=4.0 / 5.0

More Detail For Indoor Air Quality Meter CO2 Temperature Relative Humidity

  • Provides accurate information about the quality of air in your home, office or greenhouse
  • Continuously measures carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity
  • Self-calibrating, no moving parts to wear out or memory effects
  • Just plug it into a wall socket -- the SenseLife turns on instantly
  • Measure CO2: 0-10,000ppm - Temperature: 0-120F - %RH: 20-80%

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