Saturday, July 3, 2010

!$ First Alert EL52 2 Two Story 14 Foot Escape Ladder

I tested this item from our second story window as soon as I got it home. First of all the rungs became entangled with the nylon straps when I released the velcro handle, had to pull the ladder up to correct it. The way it hooks over the window sill was not sturdy at all, and tended to shift dangerously when weight was put on the first rung. Just placing my foot on the first rung was a challenge in daylight with no emergency occurring, it just doesn't protrude from the wall far enough. I am athletic and of normal height/weight, but clambering down this ladder had me fearing a fall and I crawled back through the window before I got below the second rung. I returned the product to the store and will have to find some other way to egress our home in an emergency.
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More Detail For First Alert EL52 2 Two Story 14 Foot Escape Ladder

  • Easy to use two-story 14-foot fire escape ladder
  • Fully assembled, ready to use
  • Strong steel construction, tested to 1,125 lbs
  • DuPont Cordura nylon strapping for extra strength and maximum durability.
  • Complies to ASTM standards; 6-year limited warranty

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