Thursday, June 17, 2010

#$ Werner 150B 300 Pound Duty Rating Aluminum Step Stool 2 Foot

I'm no little person my self but I have had a few "big boys" use it too. I currently weigh about 240lb 5'-11" and when I got it I was around 270. Even back then it never once felt like it was going to slip, twist, break or be anything other then a rock steady step latter on every kind of level surface. Some of the people that used it I'm more then certain exceed it's weight limits even without the tools they where carrying. It's vary light, I can easily put it in the back of a van or put it in a corner with one arm (though I'm not a "weak" person ether :p). I can't emphasize enough of how sturdy it is, every thing about it is heavy duty yet still light. As other reviews have stated it is a bit narrow but it more then makes up for that in how confident I fell when I'm up on it.

I'm really not one to make a statement like this, but if your a bigger person and need a 2 foot ladder that's never going to wobble on a flat surface (or even one that's not all that flat) and is light weight buy this one. Don't waste time comparing others, just get it... Lowes or home depot may be a better price, but I would easily pay around $50 if I wasn't able to get it from a store.


I'm not to happy on the price of the two side (below) but every thing I said about this one is 100% true for this one as well. I don't own it but I have used one.

Werner T372 Type1A 300-Pound Duty Rating Aluminum Twin Stepladder, 2-Foot
(10 customers reviews)
Customers Rating=5.0 / 5.0

More Detail For Werner 150B 300 Pound Duty Rating Aluminum Step Stool 2 Foot

  • Molded top provides large standing platform
  • Slip-resistant Traction-Tred round rungs
  • Molded vinyl foot pads riveted to rails
  • External Pinch-Proof spreaders
  • Bottom step has double channel braces

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