Tuesday, June 8, 2010

-- Q See QSM0S 8 Inch Color LCD Monitor with Speakers

It is a good product but instructions were very poor, esp. for a wall mount. I even called QSee tech support before purchase to ensure it can be wall mounted and I can remove the desk stand, it turned out that they too scrambled to find that information for me. Out of the box it is meant for installing on the desk, however, I struggled for a long time to figure how to install it on the wall. I found a small threaded hole at the bottom of the unit, luckily found a right size screw to get in there and secure it with a L shaped bracket (I had to cut the bottom leg to the right size so it wasn't protruding out) and neon washer. Althought the installation is very secure now but I just hope it stays in place. I wish they had provided wall mounting hardware because I wasted lot of time and made numerous trips to Lowes/HD.

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More Detail For Q See QSM0S 8 Inch Color LCD Monitor with Speakers

  • 8" Color LCD Mini Monitor
  • Wide view angle and Color quad mode
  • Resolution: 1440 (H) x 468 (V)
  • Directly connect to CCTV security camera's, DVR, or Quad Processor
  • Loudspeaker

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