Friday, June 4, 2010

#@: Mighty Mule FM123 10 Watt Solar Panel

Pannel works great - takes 5 minutes to install, and with the additional battery, it solved my dead battery issue using only the 5-watt pannel. Initially I was going to have to use a deep-cycle (car) battery, but did not want to mess with wiring, battery housing, etc. I was very pleased I did not have to go that route. Highly recommend this additional pannel for anyone living in the north or northwest of the world.
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More Detail For Mighty Mule FM123 10 Watt Solar Panel

  • 10-Watt solar panel - provides trickle charge of energy to the gate opener battery
  • Ideal for sunny climates - not for use in high-shade areas
  • 10-Watt of solar power is recommended for use with dual gates, heavy single swing gates or when powering many accessories off of a solar panel
  • Easy to install with any GTO/Mighty Mule gate opener system and can be mounted to almost any fence, post, gate or wall

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