Saturday, June 19, 2010

-- Lorex LW2100 Ultra Digital Wireless 4 Channel Monitoring Solution with 1 Weatherproof Camera Black

I would give it at least 4 stars. Originally ordered 4 cameras from Amazon. One failed to toggle between the low and high resolution modes. Thanks to Amazon's commendable replacement policy, no questions asked: the new item is on the way. Otherwise, the cameras work fine. Of course, you shouldn't expect HD image quality on your large wide screen TV. Also, the camera is designed to work in a closeup range (fixed focus). If you intend on having it monitor distant objects, please know that the produced image is quite blurry. My wife wanted to watch birds landing on her bird feeder 30-40 ft away, and she couldn't tell the birds from squirrels. In my case, I am using these cameras at the porch to show me who is standing right at the door, etc. Due to the intensity of wireless data transfer, the image transition is limited to 12 frames per second in the high resolution mode (and believe me, you will want to use that mode most of the time). So the video looks a bit slow. Also, please be aware that this is not a panoramic camera. The viewing angle is fairly meager (see specifications). The camera is definitely meant for a specific purpose and you will need to find out how it would apply to your concrete situation. I see this camera as to be primarily used in outdoor settings because the indoor lighting is rarely sufficient to have the camera operate in color mode. However, with this being said, the infrared black and white mode does not seem to be annoying too much (I have one of these cameras inside to watch our pets while we are gone). The wireless reception is great. If you have several cameras, be sure to pair them while they are still near to their receivers (that's prior to mounting them). From my observation, this ensures the pairing quality. With all the four cameras set up to operate at the same time, I haven't noticed any interference with the house appliances or the wireless router. From other reviews, it seems that this can be an issue. You can try to change the subfrequency your router operates on to avoid the interference. If you have an ATT's 2WIRE router, just type HOMEPORTAL in the address bar on your Internet Explorer and scroll through the menus to locate the frequency setup. If you are not electronically savvy, have someone else who knows what he is doing help you with this. You DO NOT want to mess up your router box!!!

While approaching this review in a critical manner, I should say that I am impressed with the camera (especially its wireless capabilities) and would recommend it to someone else. The setup was a breeze and I had it up and running in no time. Good product!
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More Detail For Lorex LW2100 Ultra Digital Wireless 4 Channel Monitoring Solution with 1 Weatherproof Camera Black

  • Includes 1 Digital Wireless Night Vision Weatherproof Camera with Stand, 1 Digital Wireless Micro-receiver
  • Micro receiver plugs directly into the back of Surveillance Recorder (DVR), TV or monitor for easy connection.
  • Camera features VGA resolution (640x480) and built-in night vision to see up to 65ft./20m in total darkness
  • Viewing Options: Quad mode shows up to 4 camera views on the same screen
  • Connect multiple LW2100 receivers to the back of a Surveillance Recorder to create a multi-channel wireless surveillance solution

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