Sunday, June 27, 2010

$*$ Ladder Max Stand off Stabilizer

For years I've had no choice but to rest my extension ladder against the gutters in order to clean them out. This certainly hasn't been very kind to the gutters themselves; but more importantly, I've always feared that the ladder could slip and I would fall to the ground with it. And that hasn't been a very comforting thought.

Last November I hired someone to clean the leaves from the gutters that had accumulated in them when they fell from the trees. I watched him and saw that he had some sort of ladder stabilizer that provided him with real stability. Until then I didn't know such things existed. This spring -- after a horrible windstorm that blew all the maple trees' 'polly noses' into the gutters and clogged them horrendously (particularly after they started to sprout), I went to my local Home Depot where I bought a Werner stabilizer. I attached it to my ladder and gave it a test run. I immediately found out that it was useless for my purposes because the arms were not deep enough to touch the roof, and the ladder still rested on the gutter. I took it back to Home Depot.

I then began my on-line research. I finally boiled it down to two options: (1) the Louisville Ladder Adjustable Ladder Stabilizer; and, (2) the Ladder-Max Stand-off Stabilizer. I liked the adjustability concept of the Louisville Ladder stabilizer, and I also liked the idea of free shipping, but I could not find anything on line that would show me how it attached to the ladder, and/or how it came off the ladder. To me that was of critical importance because I would only be attaching the stabilizer when I needed to use the ladder, and would then remove the stabilizer when I had finished. I was afraid that if there wasn't something that showed how easily it went on and off the ladder that it probably wasn't too easy. I contacted Louisville Ladder and they finally sent me the instructions. As I suspected, mounting and unmounting their stabilizer necessitated the use of tools for each procedure.

The Ladder-Max web site, however shows exactly how their stabilizer attached to and came off the ladder. It looked easy and it is!

I bought the Ladder-Max stabilizer.

It's a bit tricky to assemble, but once assembled it attaches to the ladder in seconds. And it comes off just as easily. No tools required!

I used it for the first time the other day and it's a pleasure. The arms are long enough to rest on the roof and the bumpers on the end of the arms seem well designed and did no damage to my asphalt shingles. For the first time ever (and I've been a home owner for 42 years) I felt secure while cleaning my gutters.

There's no question that with any stabilizer attached to one's ladder makes moving the ladder a bit more problematic, but the rock-solid feel while up on the ladder with the Ladder-Max Stand-off Stabilizer outweighs any such concern for me. And my wife is happy that I'm not likely to fall.

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