Wednesday, June 23, 2010

#$ Cosco 20 61AABL Signature Series Premium Aluminum Type T1A Step Ladder 6 Foot

This ladder makes doing household chores fun and exciting for several reasons:

1) This ladder is extremely light. I am a small-framed female with arthritic shoulders and yet have no problem toting this ladder around. I can even carry it using the carry handle with one hand!

2) Easy-to-read markings such as "lift to fold" and "leg lock/carry handle" leave no guesswork as to its use.

3) This ladder has two trays for tools, etc. I recently discovered that the smaller tray at the very top is perfect for placing two or three light bulbs!

4) This ladder is very sturdy on the ground with easy-to-climb steps.

Of note, this ladder comes with a very convenient carry handle, but when carrying the ladder upright as may sometimes be necessary to maneuver it around, it is easy to disengage the leg lock/carry handle by accidentally bumping it, a minor inconvenience. Also, as with any ladder, it is advisable to place one's fingers on the OUTSIDE of the frame when folding it up to avoid accidental injury. This ladder is so light, however, that the pinching that does occur from misplacement of fingers is minor and hardly worth mentioning.

BOTTOM LINE: I highly recommend it and would buy this ladder for my mother or my sister!
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Customers Rating=5.0 / 5.0

More Detail For Cosco 20 61AABL Signature Series Premium Aluminum Type T1A Step Ladder 6 Foot

  • ANSI Type 1A Industrial Duty Rated 300-pounds
  • Slip resistant step treads for security
  • Tool integrated top cap and large working tray
  • Large platform top step
  • Non-marring skid resistant leg tips

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