Saturday, May 1, 2010

$*$ Q See QSD004 160 4 Channel Motion Detection DVR with Pre installed 160GB Hard Drive

Don't expect to get what is advertised. They make about 6 versions of this DVR, and it's pot luck as to which one you get, and what features it has...that said,

If you happen to have an incident, you'd have to turn the entire unit over to the police and MAYBE some of their techs can get a hard copy picture of the incident.

The one I bought will not download recorded video to a computer.

The software for your computer is worthless with a USB stick, it immediately shuts down upon reading it. So all you can do is watch what happens.

The manual's pictures could not be seen due to bad copying. I downloaded a manual from Q-See but it wasn't for the unit I was sent, even though it has the same model number. They don't have an on-line manual for my unit.

My unit will not stop recording from the front panel, you have to use the remote (which is also on the same freq as my TV remote so it does stuff when I use it, so I had to tape over the IR sensor when I'm not using it).

For the good part, it gives a nice picture and does record fairly decently. It takes forever to find anything that goes on but you can see clearly once you find it.

As other reviewers said, it's best if you have 4 cams going. It's fine for live surveillance, but...

You're better off looking for a better unit. I wouldn't recommend this if you think you may have to have video evidence of a crime.

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Customers Rating=3.0 / 5.0

More Detail For Q See QSD004 160 4 Channel Motion Detection DVR with Pre installed 160GB Hard Drive

  • Record at 30 FPS (Total) / Display at 120 FPS
  • Pre-installed 160GB Hard Drive
  • Connect up to 4 Q-See Cameras
  • Motion and Alarm Detection
  • USB 2.0 Connection for Backup

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