Wednesday, May 12, 2010

$*$ OPTEX W chimebox Sensor Wireless Annunciator System

We have a long driveway. It would be nice to know when vehicles are making their way up to the house. With this item we can only know when vehicles are actually AT the house. The thing worked fine outdoors during installation when the transmitter can "see" the receiver in a line-of-sight UNOBSTRUCTED situation. Put the receiver indoors (behind the glass of our window and with a few trees in the way in our case) and it won't work except at about 60 feet. The "1000 feet" (one thousand!) claim is extremely misleading.
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More Detail For OPTEX W chimebox Sensor Wireless Annunciator System

  • Type: Chime Box w/Relay and Sensor Transmitter.
  • Power Source: 9VDC Adapter/ 9V Alkaline Battery.
  • Status Indicator: Red LED.
  • Location: Indoor/Outdoor.
  • Frequency: 418mHz. Transmission Range: 1,000. Minimum Operating Temperature (°F): 15. Maximum Operating Temperature (°F): 104. Applications: Doorbell, Location Finder, and Security.

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