Wednesday, May 5, 2010

$ LockState LS 52EN Large Digital Wall Safe

This is not a bad product. The safe is reasonable beefy with about the same interior space as a medicine cabinet. It is not a difficult install if your wall studs are spaced correctly. If they aren't, as in my case (too wide), you will need to insert some extra wood on the sides to make up the difference. I also made the mistake of cutting the hole from stud to stud instead of measuring the exact width of the safe. I had to also fill in the resulting gap with joint compound. I recommend that you NOT use the lag screws that come with the kit, they are cheap hardware, two of the heads twisted off while I was screwing them in with a ratchet driver (make the pilot holes wide enough!). The lock is electronic and straightforward. The mechanism for opening it is a bit flaky but works well enough. Overall, I am satisfied.
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Customers Rating=4.0 / 5.0

More Detail For LockState LS 52EN Large Digital Wall Safe

  • Electronic digital lock
  • Easily retrofits in any standard wall
  • External dimensions: 20.67-Inch 13.78-Inch by 3.74-Inch
  • Internal dimensions: 20.28-Inch by 13.39-Inch by 3.35-Inch
  • Removable shelves

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