Sunday, April 18, 2010

-- Werner PK70 1 Ladder Leveler for MT Series Ladders with 2 Base Attachments

This product does a great job of leveling a ladder and keeping the weight off until a leveler is needed. Also, with 2 kits I was able to put base units on 2 ladders and now I can snap one or 2 levelers onto either one of my ladders. It only takes a few seconds to attach or detach them. It is the only leveling system I have ever seen that snaps directly onto the outside of the ladder rail, thereby avoiding any interference with the base section and the fly section of the ladder. It has a 375 pound duty rating and adjusts easily in 3/16" increments up to 10" with a touch of my toe. The foot pedal snaps out to extend the leg and snaps up for storage. Ther upper pedal is easy to reach with my thumb and I simply press it down a tiny bit and the leg slowly retracts back up. It's a great tool for saving time and keeping safe. It's also the only leg leveler on the market that actually has a fully automatic, back-up, safety lock. It activates as soon as any weight is placed on the leveler leg. I really like that, especially when I'm 20 feet in the air. Bottom line is that this is a super product, sold by the largest ladder company in the world, Werner. They wouldn't sell it if it wasn't a good quality product.
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More Detail For Werner PK70 1 Ladder Leveler for MT Series Ladders with 2 Base Attachments

  • 3pc ladder leveler kit
  • Levelok leveler with 2 base attachments will provide safety on uneven surfaces
  • Base units stay attached to the ladder while leveler can be easily removed when not in use
  • Swivel shoe with ice pick on both ends mount securely to the surface
  • Leveler can be used on either side of the ladder

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