Saturday, April 17, 2010

!$ Werner ESC200 Fire Escape Ladder Two Story

Just installed this ladder. Very good quality ladder. The product demonstration videos are accurate and should speed up an escape dramatically along with it being safer than the regular chain ladders hooked over the window.

However, the installation manual is inaccurate. It states that the space between the studs is required to be between 14" and 14 1/2" wide in order to fit the ladder box. However, the metal ladder box is 14 1/4" wide and won't fit in a space any smaller. My space was exactly 14" wide - I had to cut off the side of the box in order to fit.

Make sure you are accurate with your measurements before buying.
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More Detail For Werner ESC200 Fire Escape Ladder Two Story

  • 2-Story
  • 1500-Pound load capacity, 400-Pound load capacity per rung, can be used by multiple people simultaneously
  • Flat rungs, with anti-slip grooves and standoffs, assistance strap for easy exit
  • One to two hour installation time
  • Can be used over any size window sill, multi-level roof lines, primed white to blend with any decor

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