Friday, April 16, 2010

-- Schlage LiNK Wireless Keypad Entry Lever Add on Lock Aged Bronze

I installed these locks on my front and garage door a week ago and surprisingly it has been working flawlessly. I am using (Support Challenged) Micasa Verde Vera as Z-Wave gateway since it's too difficult for me to understand why to pay monthly costs to a service provider when I can do it for free with little or no learning but some patience. Here's my feedback and ovservation so far

Looks: Nice, I have brass and matches with other locks in the house from Schlage

Built: Typical Schlage - good

Adding it to Z-wave network "With Vera": Easy enough but I have go through an upgrade and plug-in

Adding Codes: I can add codes "4 Digit" only with names including the ability to control the day and time when the code will be active - example Maid Service or a Nanny who is about to retire. You cannot edit/modify the code but you can remove and re-add.

Lock/Unlock: From outside all you have to do is to enter your code, making sure, no one is watching with binoculars and you will hear a click and green LED. Turn the knob and it will open. To Close just hit the "Schlage" button after you turn the knob to lock. And yes it does not rotate the knob by itself like other model of Schlage but that is non-Zwave device. You can also use traditional keys to open or close. At night you can press the Schlage button first to illuminate the keys before entering the code - helpful.

Battery and battery life: It comes with 3xAA and 1x9 Volt battery and advertized life is too long to believe but so far I did not see even 1% drop after a week's use.

Status and Remote Operation: You can always see the status of the lock as "Lock" or "Unlock" from any web-browser/iPhone etc. Operate it from anywhere to let someone in.

Notification: You can program using Zwave gateway to send you notification Via SMS/Email alert case a particular code is used OR wrong code is used.

Fun/Programming: Being Z-wave you can trigger several events when a particular code is used including but not limited to switching on lights case it's dark or start thermostat to cool/heat your home. Each of these events require additional hardware/device or a module.

Security: Schlage lock and your Z-wave gate will secure the transmission over RF (Radio Frequency) using encryption keys (digital keys - something similar to when you access your bank over SSL/https web browser). This is from what I have read so far before purchasing and so far I am convinced that it is easier to find someone's keys under the doormat as compared to hacking the security of the lock with the exception of those binoculars or being careless to use easy numbers like 1234 (as my 5 year suggested me :-) for his code)

Elderly/Disabled: Terrific use to avoid going to the door to let someone in. Can combine with a motion sensor and an IP Camera to know who is at the door before clicking unlock.


- Not a motorized lock. Case you forget all you can do is to program Z-Wave gate to remind you that door is still unlocked

- Incoming traffic is logged and you know when someone is coming in but there Is no way possible to know when someone leaves

- One more thing in life to make you couch potato especially when you combine with a motion sensor and an IP Camera at your front door.

Hope you'll find what you're looking for. Additionally Kwickset also announced series of upcoming product based on this technology. Competition may bring the price down - possibly.

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  • Receive email or text notifications
  • Install and set up the system with ease
  • Access your home from anywhere
  • Remotely monitor access to your home

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