Tuesday, April 27, 2010

$*$ Schlage BE365VPLY505 Plymouth Deadbolt Keypad Bright Brass

Hi I love my lock Only it is not Bump Proof. Any one can open it and rob my house. About 6 months ago I contacted the company and asked about a bump proof cylinder They seemed to think it was a non issue DO NOT BUY THIS LOCK TILL THE ISSUE IS ADDRESSED!!! Hey otherwise I love being to get in without a key

For those that do not know about LOCK BUMPING Please LEARN Google it!!! You can open any lock with a relatively non specific Bump key. When it is placed in a lock and hit(this is reason for the name bumping) it will pop all the pins. With a quick turn of the key, while the lock pins are displaced, the non-specific bump key will open your lock, Yep it takes a second so nobody will think that anything is out of place. Your expensive lock is useless!!! It will not keep nobody with this technology from robbing your home. This information is widely prevalent on the internet GOOGLE LOCK BUMPING IT IS THAT EASY!!!! Schlage does not seem to care Purchase a BUMP PROOF LOCK NOT THIS ONE THE SCHLAGE COMPANY DOES NOT SEEM TO CARE!!!

Also the other review that said a screw was missing I had same problem The screw that was missing for me was the one that goes from the lock into the door. I went to home depot and opened another lock none there either I purchased a screw The lock can probably be installed without it but it keeps the lock in position on the door with less possibility of rotation. Plus I had the hole drilled before I noted it was missing. LOL
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More Detail For Schlage BE365VPLY505 Plymouth Deadbolt Keypad Bright Brass

  • Keyless entry for enhanced security
  • Easy to install, one tool installation
  • Fits 1-3/8 to 1-3/4-inch thick doors
  • Codes easily added or deleted right at the keypad using the lock's unique 6 digit programming code
  • Comes with battery (9V) included, a 6 digit programming code, and two 4 digit user codes pre-set at the factory

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