Monday, April 26, 2010

!$ LockState LS 6600 L S 200 Code Keyless Digital Door Lock Left Hand Silver

The Company I work for purchased this LockState LS6600 from me and gave me the opportunity to also install it. We have a 24 Hour Dispatch Center and we are both extremely satisfied with this Access Control System. It provides Access to all our employees (around 160 or more) and has not failed us as of yet. As a matter of fact they purchased a second lock for our Squad room.

The only negative may actually have been my own fault, the battery drained after 2 months. I may have accidentally installed a used battery. Considering that we have about 160 employees using that lock at least 3 times a day that would translate to about 14,400 entries a month or 28,800 in two months this lock may not be suitable for high-traffic areas. But again it may have been due to a faulty battery. Ensure that you utilize a Heavy Duty battery for high-traffic suites!!

Even with the battery running low there is a fail-safe system to "jump-start" the lock, while still keeping the interior secure and allowing access to authorized personnel only.

I am now waiting for the rest of the Professional building - I'd say about 30+ doors to order these locks from me.
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Customers Rating=3.0 / 5.0

More Detail For LockState LS 6600 L S 200 Code Keyless Digital Door Lock Left Hand Silver

  • 200 Programmable codes for employees or guests
  • Auto lock feature
  • 2 Mechanical override keys included
  • Operates in weather ranging from -70-Fahrenheit to +180-Fahrenheit)
  • Adjustable backset from 2-3/8-Inch to 2-3/4-Inch

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