Sunday, April 25, 2010

#@: Little Giant 15335 Switch Blade Ladder

I already had ladders that I use around the house, including a 6' wood ladder, a compact 5' steel step ladder, a fiberglass step ladder, and a 20' aluminum extension ladder. Often I needed something taller than the 6' step ladder and would have to haul out the 20' extension ladder even if it was to get to something 10' off the ground, like getting up on the roof. The first time I used the Little Giant Switchblade I was one happy camper. It is lightweight and compact and a lot easier to maneuver around than the extension ladder that weigh more than twice as much.

The Switchblade had steps designed to provide a large flat surface whether the ladder is partially or fully open and the adjustment of the angle could not be easier or safer (in terms of not pinching ones fingers accidentally as with other ladder designs). On rare occasions I come across a product that does the job so well that it makes me smile and want to tell other people about it. That was my reaction to using the Little Giant Switchblade step ladder.

At least 80% of the jobs that I used to need to haul out the 20' extension ladder I can manage with the 11 foot height of the Switch Blade step ladder and having a ladder that is 5' long (when folded) and weighs 25 pounds is a lot easier than the 50 pound plus and 10' long extension ladder. The compact size and light weight makes it very useful for people that are smaller than average or not all the muscular but that still need a ladder for projects.

The build quality is also top notch with an anodized surface and the steps are welded to the uprights which adds strength, rigidity, and durability to what is a great design. If I could figure out a way to wrap it I could see it making an excellent gift for anyone doing installation or repairs either commercially or around the house.

P.S. it would make a great Father's Day gift.
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More Detail For Little Giant 15335 Switch Blade Ladder

  • Move from one job to another quickly and easily
  • Reduce fatigue and increase working speed with the SwitchBlade's light weight and deep, comfortable rungs.
  • Black anodized armor increases your ladder's lifespan, reduces oxidation and keeps your hands clean.
  • Deep rungs and industrial construction for comfort and stability.
  • Easy-to-adjust hinge for A-frame and lean-to ladder configurations.

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