Sunday, April 18, 2010

#@: Architectural Mailboxes Oasis Mailbox Black

A very secure mailbox. Lots of room for your mail and small packages even if you do not pick it up for a few days. Easy to install with a few basic tools (would not recommend installing in inclement or very cold weather). Probably the only real risk to the box is some adventuresome adolescent placing a lit M80 in the tilt out drop and running away quickly, and that would only destroy the mail inside(if present). The box itself is very sturdy.

The installation mount for 4X4 posts (sold seperately) could be reinforced a bit (if you are mounting the mailbox in that way). The base part that attaches to the mailbox is really easy to work with and sturdy, but the anchors that mount it to the 4X4 post are too short (they extend only about two inches down the post) and use only 1 inch screws. In our rural area that would make knocking the mailbox off of the post quite easy, especially because it is quite heavy.

I was able to reinforce the mount with 12 inch and 16 inch galvanized steel straps (one on each side of the post--alternating lengths--available for a small cost at the local hardware store). I drilled through the anchor plating to match the strapping and used a 2 inch X 1/4 inch diameter lag screw with washer at slightly different heights and horozontal positions to drive through the overlapping anchor plate and the top of the strap to really secure the whole mounting plate (all holes pre-drilled). The Mailbox is added after the plate is secured so that modificication can be done in your shop. Then I anchored the strapping lower down the post at different levels on each side with the same lag screws/washers. Just to be sure I added two inch galvanized deck screws to the part of the base plate that was not covered by the extra strap and at several places along the strap as well. I considered drilling a hole in the bottom of the mailbox centered over the post and drilling a hole down the center of the post for a much longer lag screw (9-12 inches) or a similar diameter spike (I have a 16 inch long 3/8 inch drill bit). I decided against that for now because our community may be changing the location of the mailboxes and providing a mounting platform which would make the mounting plate unnecessary. If the strapping proves to be insufficient to prevent vandalism, I may add that at a later date.

The mailbox itself is s great pruduct and I highly recommend it.
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More Detail For Architectural Mailboxes Oasis Mailbox Black

  • Postmaster General approved and patented design allows delivery of mail bundles and small parcels - perfect for Internet and catalog shoppers
  • Body constructed of heavy 16 and 14 gauge galvanized steel fully powder coated prior to assembly for durability and long life
  • Doors include rubber seals to keep deliveries clean and dry - ll hardware made from stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials
  • Suitable for installation into a pilaster, column or wall - the entire outer shroud is one piece to resist moisture and the elements
  • 18.5" d x 20" h x 13.5" w, 41 lb.

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